Wednesday, June 8, 2011


so it finally happened. we first met George and Ayleen way back in 2009 at Anime Expo. it was our very first time having a booth at a large convention and they happened to swing by our booth. we've since seen them at several cons, become regulars at D-con every November, and we meet up for dinner every once in a while.

they invited us on the show way back when, but scheduling conflicts and the fear of soul stealing cameras delayed our appearance.

sooooo, we finally made the time to be on the show. i mustered up enough courage to get in front of a video camera for more than 10 secs and we finally got to enjoy some Blind Box Time.

check out episode 170 to see a sneak peek at what we'll have at booth 5137 at SDCC 2011.

i stole the photo from their facebook page and i don't think the link here will work. i'm not too interweb savvy.

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