Monday, June 6, 2011

SQUIBS INVADE BOT CON 2011.....barely

Bot Con was at the Pasadena Convention Center this year. the entrance was pretty lack luster, but they did have the giant Optimus Prime inside. so, if you didn't see it at SDCC 2010 last year you had a second chance at Bot Con 2011.

apparently KRE-O (Lego Transformers) is on sale now. i really just want the mini figures. luckily they were give out free Optimus Prime figures. best part of the Con for me.

some pretty cool Bot costumes, Starscream was over the top, but not necessarily in a good way.

i've never wanted a mini van until now.

why is that chef so happy? cuz Chito and him are now really good friends.

Squibs don't grow on trees, especially after Chito has been in the area.

we swung by Rocket Fizz as well. it's a giant candy store with tons of soda varieties. healthy?.... no. but who cares, you don't have eat and drink it all at once.

so, that was our Bot Con 2011 experience. it was a small show with really expensive exclusives, minimal variety, and a $20 entrance fee per day. i may love transformers, but i probably won't go back every year. i do love the snacks in Pasadena though.

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