Monday, November 29, 2010


it was a lot of work to keep track of 30 artists and their customs, but it all worked out pretty well.

special thanks to Anthony Nex of Nex Photography for taking the time out of his busy schedule to help a guy out.

Valley Dweller

Dave Martis "Zombie Warz"


Dan Cote

Carlos III "Gun Smoke"

Vivian Nguyen "So Anabob"

Tucker Johnson from Dynamo Development Labs

Carlos Aguilar

Kwestone a.k.a Chito A-Word

Jasper Santos

Ayleen Gasper

Mike Petrosky "Rumble"

Rumble with Soundwave

Jerome Lu's "Game of Death"

Scott Tolleson

Mana Studios

Nate Mitchell "Hal-0"

Tracy Tubera "Super Mario Fighter II"

Nathan Hamill "Super Sabacc Challenge"

George Gasper "Toy Break"

Mana Studios

Wayne Loosey from Dynamo Development Labs

Paul Wilson

Linda Hong "Super Panda Cub"

John "Spanky" Stokes-The "Face" Troll

Dou Hong "Pintendo"

Sarah Lee & Casey Hirai
"Slimer's 90-Day Ice Cream Diet"

Andrew Wilson



i wanted to thank all of the artists that made the time to do a custom. it was quite the learning experience putting it all together. i'm sure i'll do things a bit different next time.

all but 2 artist delivered figures for the show. one guy dropped out due to health issues and the other guy is just MIA. Nakanari and Rsinart's figures showed up too late to have photos taken. hopefully, i'll be able to get some taken soon.

we sold 5 customs at the show and 1 since then. i've returned some and some i'll keep to display and sell at other shows. i plan on doin more custom shows, so keep an eye out in 2011.


  1. Those photos came out great. I'mma hafta beg you for a high rez.


  2. yep, i'm pretty happy with the photos and the show over all. i'll get you the highres photos soon. they're huge, so i'll probably have to use yousendit or something like that.