Monday, November 29, 2010


so, the world famous Tracy Tubera was kind enough to get us into the Halo Reach launch party at The Fantasy Factory a couple months back. it was the best geek party ever. the lower photo is me and a couple of the guys that worked on the game.

we got to play some Halo Reach multiplayer before it came out. we also got some fancy free truck food, free copies of Reach, and Jerome had laser beams coming out of his head.

B.O.B. preformed. not my kind of music, but it distracted people so i could play more games. and Justin Beber ran around like a chicken with his head cut off, then ran off.

here we are pretending to be celebrities..... or something.

more goofy photos and Chito makin out with Kat from Noble Team.

here i am "geekin out" with Mal (Nathan Fillion) and Wash (Alan Tudyk)
i'm not a big celebrity nerd, but i had to ask for a photo.

to top off the night, i was able to get a photo of Olivia Munn holding one of my Squibs. Mike and Jerome also made sure to say hi to her.

so, i'm not a big party guy, or a fan of meeting celebrities, but that was the best possible party i could imagine. free food, free ice cream, free games, and meeting Mal, Wash, and Munn, not a bad day.

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