Monday, July 19, 2010


our new friend Mitchell Bernal stopped by our booth and offered me the chance to customize a Skelanimal for SDCC. it was a nice little surprise at AX2010.

so, i started with a cute blank white puppy.

i've only done one other custom in my life. i'll post images of my MOD:one rabbit someday. i took one of my 5" Squibs and cut off all of the legs, then sanded him to fit the head and hot glued the 2 together.

next step was to add some tentacles. i used Magic Sculpt which definitely has it's pros and cons. it was probably only my 2nd or 3rd time using the stuff and it went pretty well. the 2 long tentacles were the most difficult part, and in the end i had to sand those quite a bit.

here is the final sculpt. i used part of a paint stick for the wood piece and real nails. the laser blaster was built out of Styrene, washers, and an acrylic sphere.

painting isn't my strong point, and i generally don't like doin it. the primer and base coats were the most work, or at least took the longest to do. seems like it was mostly waiting for things to dry. it also didn't help that the figure was so front heavy. he always wanted to fall forward and did once or twice.

so, here's the final custom. i added a chain, a "S" logo dog tag, and a base for stability. the rest of the paint was pretty fun to do. i didn't want to worry about clean lines and precise painting, because it's just not my cup of tea. i was able to avoid that by putting "black ink" at all the connection points.

i only had 11 days to customize this figure. it arrived on July 6th and had to be delivered by July 16th. i probably spent 30-40 hrs working on it during those nights and one weekend. this bad boy is gonna be on display at SDCC 2010 at the Toynami booth. if you don't get a chance to see it there, it will be traveling to all our future shows too.


  1. That custom is so sweet! I think it's my favorite so far ^^

  2. i know i made a comment on this before, but it didn't upload. anyway, i'm glad you like it. it will be good to see you when you're back in town. and you wouldn't believe how much people love the custom you did. people want to buy it all the time.