Sunday, July 18, 2010

AX 2010

so, there was a crazy long line for pre-registration on setup day. we were just walking around to get something to eat. i'm so thankful we don't have to wait in those lines.

set up took longer than usual. we had to park in the structure, rather than unload in the back like last year. very annoying and very tiring. we didn't bring a dolly cuz they said we wouldn't be able to use it, but no one cared and plenty of people were using them. lame.

these fellas weren't really the welcoming committee, but maybe someday they'll be that popular.

AX 2009 was our first convention where we had a booth. it went well enough that we decided to come back in 2010. we've accomplished a lot over the past year. a lot of people remembered us and we met a bunch of new people as well. over all a good show.

here's our friend Willy A-word enjoyin a little cos-play as Keroro. always entertaining.

here's Jerome pretending to be a photographer. he hasn't given me the photos he took. the photo on top was taken by me with my iPhone.

one of the best things about AX is the crowd and all of their costumes. i took some photos, but it was tough being behind the booth most of the time.

we're big fans of SSFIV and this group was pretty entertaining. no Gouken though, maybe next year.

this Zuko/Toph battle was way better than the movie, and the Lego Storm Trooper was pretty awesome too.

now time for lots of costumes.
quite a few Yokos this year, but i only got photos of 3.

this was a big group acting out what looked like a Pokemon Vs. Yu-Gi-Oh battle. first time i had ever seen that.

on Saturday i customized 4 little Squib stamps. i didn't sell any, but i'm ok with that. i'd rather keep them for myself anyway. i always seem to be able to get a nice photo of someones nap time. i'm sure someday i'll be the victim of one of these photos.

The End. we cleaned up super quick and had a dolly to help. we also did our traditional Pinkberry visit afterwards.

so, AX2010 went really well for us. well enough for us to come back in 2011. we might not be the perfect match for the crowd, but the crowd is usually very supportive of our work. technically, it was our best show yet, but we would have done better at WonderCon if it ran for 4 days and we didn't sell out of product. next year should be even better. special thanks to all of those people that stopped by and bought something.

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