Sunday, February 21, 2010


some Squibs invaded NYC last weekend. they were hard to spot sometimes, but they were there.

we found this fat cat in a record store. he wasn't very amused, even if i was.

this giant guy was stalking his prey outside of the tokidoki store. don't worry, they weren't customers.

just outside kidrobot, maybe someday soon we'll have some product inside for sale.

window shoppin was the only way i could afford anything.

Squibs on top of the world......or at least on top a giant munny for now.

so, i didn't take a ton of photos while i was in NYC, and i only had my iphone with me. at least i got a couple of shots. hopefully once we get our shipment and people start buying these little guys, we'll see photos of the Squib invasion all over the world.


  1. -->>Damn those little dudes are so sick !! !!

  2. glad to see someone actually commented. even happier that you like our little buddies. we should have some available at wonder con, but our main shipment arrives at the end of april. woohoo!

  3. Those squibs are adorable, but who's the ugly bearded red-head? Just kidding :P