Sunday, February 7, 2010


3 little stowaways flyin for free. sneaky, but not really sneaky at all.

fresh off the boat errr..... i'm mean plane. Squibs landed at CDG in Paris France on Feb 3rd 2010.

this is me and a little buddy after a 11hr flight and lots of walkin.

apparantly, Paris has laser cannons on most of the amazing structures. what's even better is you can rent destruction time on them for as little as 1 Euro.

Eiffel Tower Defense System test #1.

this lady was obviously almost scared to death by the awesome death laser battle we had.

target detected, prepare for DOOOOOOOOM!!!!

fat asians were also targets of the massacre

Giant Squib vs. Giant Snake in......BATTLE FOR THE LOUVRE
SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Giant Squibs always win..........ALWAYS!
BEWARE......the sneak attack.

booty call at the Louvre......very nice.

very first photo of a Squib with a celebrity.......kinda.

look, but don't touch.


sooooo, here are a some of the photos that i took on my short trip to Paris. thankfully, i didn't have to pay for the trip, cuz Paris is an expensive place.

anyway, these 3 little guys are the first samples of our new Squib plush. Linda Hong and i spent a lot of time and money gettin these little guys produced. our shipment will be arriving in a couple of months, so be sure to check back later for availability. we may have some for sale at Wonder Con, if the shipping costs aren't ridiculous.

it was tough to take photos of these guys around Paris and i got plenty of strange looks. it was also a challenge to take photos in the Louvre while still being respectful of the artwork. we managed to not set off any alarms and never even touched any of the art. and don't worry, no Squibs were harmed during any of the photos.

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