Monday, July 7, 2014


This was our 6th time exhibiting at Anime Expo in Los Angeles Convention Center. AX was the 1st con we ever exhibited at. I'm not sure why we chose that one 1st, but we did and this year will be our last year.

It always takes place over 4th of July weekend, which is good and bad. Most people get a 4 day weekend, so that's more time for them to enjoy the con. Unfortunately, it also means we haven't had a nice 4th of July weekend in 6 years. We're already looking forward to relaxing next year.

One of the reasons for releasing Squibpool at AX was because red and black are the colors of AX. Unfortunately, my resin stuff is pretty pricey and most of the attendees don't understand why. 

 I finally launched my Mega-Bit Kickstarter campaign on setup day of AX. Doing both was hectic, but it was a good chance to show off the prototypes and explain the project to people. You can check it out here and hopefully back it. 

For years AX was one of our best shows, but last year it took a heavy dip and this year wasn't much better. It's sad to choose not to do a local show, but I think it's probably for the best. I'll definitely miss the friendly faces and long term supporters. Hopefully we'll still see most of you at Wondercon, SDCC, and Dcon. Maybe we'll return once I'm able to develop Squibs more. The crowd seems a bit young to really appreciate what I'm trying to do with So Analog. 

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