Thursday, February 7, 2013


i guess this is a companion piece for my Mech Cyclone that i did late last year.

i got this reference image from i also watched a couple videos on youtube. there wasn't a ton of info on him as a character, but i found enough.

these are some of the elements i used and didn't use. i wanted to use the Japanese symbol that appears on Akuma's back after a victory, but that proved difficult. it's supposedly means "destruction", but i couldn't find a symbol that looked like his. so, i just went with the symbol from normal Akuma.

i had a hard time drawing Akuma for some reason. i'm not happy with the side views at all, but they are small and secondary. oh well.

some Instagram teasers.

some more Instagram teasers.

i always bounce back and forth between Photoshop and Illustrator. it gets really annoying, cuz i basically do twice the amount of work for the layout. 

final layout without some layers and effects. looks more like a real blueprint this way. ha.

and here's the final. i thought it would be easier to do this one, since i already did the Mech Cyclone, but i was wrong. this took way longer than expected. overall i'm happy with it, but it was challenging.

there will be some for sale at BAIT in Diamond Bar, CA from 1-9 on this Saturday. Feb 9th 2013. i'll be around at some point gettin my butt whooped at Street Fighter. check it out if you can. should be a good event with great art and Street Fighter. can't go wrong with that.

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