Tuesday, February 8, 2011


sooooo, way back when i first posted the So Analog custom show announcement on SpankyStokes.com, a lot of websites picked up on it and re-posted the images all over the place. it was pretty exciting to see the great reception of the figures were getting.

i was contacted by GEE magazine from Germany. they asked if it was cool to print some photos in an issue of their magazine, and of course i said yes. i'd never heard of the magazine, but then again, i haven't been to Germany, yet.

they were kind enough to send me a copy of the magazine and that arrived this week. below is the translation that my magical iPhone did for me and makes sense, mostly.

Audio cassettes, NES modules and disks are yesterday's technology? Not for Nate Mitchell. In his "So Analog" figure includes the collection of the artist let Datentragern inspiration from the past. These heroes of our childhood, say modern silver discs in the fight - dusty and forgotten is different.

i'm currently working on doing a small production run of the 10-Doh! figure. i'll post a real update once plans are finalized.

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