Tuesday, June 29, 2010


i'm doin my best to get these little guys out every event i can. of course we're usually just spectators, but it's still fun to take photos of them when i can.

i'm a big fan of G4 and even though they don't know i exist, it was cool to see their E3 stage.

im not the biggest fan, but i've played my fair share of Halo. i am a fan of the full size sculpts they had on display.

i was looking forward to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but i think i'm gonna stick with SSFIV. i still like the Bioshock characters even if i didn't play the second game yet. and then there is Chito playin a Contra-like game.

the Killzone 3 line was way too slow to wait in, and Fallout New Vegas was behind closed doors. we got to try out Tron, but it was rough. i sure hope they can make it better before the release date.

we could never afford a Turbo Graphics 16, so i never got to play the first Splatterhouse. not sure about the new game, but this guy was looking pretty angry like my little buddy here.

'nuff said.

so, i've been to E3 around 4 times now and it's usually the same. loud and kinda annoying, but lots of booth babes around. there are some really long lines that take forever and some very short lines that also take forever.

it's one of those places that is cool to see in person, but is better to watch on TV. G4 covers it pretty darn well and usually covers all the stuff that most people aren't allowed to see in person anyway.

someday i hope to have a Squibs video game out there, but that is still down the road a bit. maybe one day a Squibs video game will be at E3, maybe.

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